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Monday, November 21, 2005

My Amnesty

I've just got back in from the long journey from Edinburgh, 9 hours long!

I went to Edinburgh with my uni group: AberAmnesty to the National Student Conference in Edinburgh Universty. It is a really nice city and is also very easy to forget where you are going and get very lost....

We talked about the different campaigns, political prisoners and prisoners of conscience who have been freed in countries around the world, thanks to the help from Amnesty International.

There was also an ex-child soldier and hip hop artist: Emmanuel Jarl. He talked to us about his experiances as a child soldier in The Sudan and how he came to be a soldier, when his mother was killed.

The socials were amazing and very funny.

The Saturday's activities ended with a march through the city to show solidarity with WOZA: a women's rights group in Zimbabwe. The women who led the simultaneous march in Zimbabwe were jailed that night by their own government because they did such a march.

We all realised then, how lucky we really are that we had the support of the local government and police to make sure our march went safely. Unfortunately, it isnt the same in lots of countries worldwide....such as Zimbabwe.



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